Before scaffolding can be erected, it's important that a thorough site survey is carried out. Access Design & Safety are professionals in conducting site surveys for the purpose of gathering accurate information for temporary works designs of all scales, from minor domestic applications through to large-scale commercial applications.

We provide thorough site surveys which begin with an in-depth consultation. We learn more about your project and the goals you are hoping to achieve. This allows us some context for the surveying process and ensures we're able to tailor any suggestions directly to our clients' needs.

It's best to have as complete a site survey done as possible before a project starts; however, Access Design & Safety are also well suited to providing site surveys to current or as built projects if needs be. We tailor our service entirely to our clients. Every step of the process is photographed and documented, allowing us to gather all of the information needed to provide you with the best design solution.

Get In Touch To Arrange A Site Survey

A successful project depends on informed decisions, and the best way to get informed is through a thorough site survey. Call Access Design & Safety today to arrange a consultation with our team.

Scaffold Site Surveys

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