Randolph Hotel

Randolph Hotel

Randolph Hotel, Oxford

Tube & Fittings + Alu Beams + UBIX Roof System

TEMPORARY ROOF: To provide drawings and calculations to weather protect the central part of the hotel following a major fire, using the UBIX system.

ACCESS: To provide drawings and calculations for a façade access scaffold, and low level gantry bridged over entrance and other lower level structures. Later an additional rear access scaffold was added to the design. This was to be cripple bracket fixed to the building to avoid load on to lower roof. Nom. 2.0m bays and 2.0m lifts. Loaded to 2.0kN/m² using tube and fittings with aluminium beams.

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Engineer Drawing, Randolph Hotel, Oxford
Design Drawing, Randolph Hotel, Oxford
Scaffolding Drawing, Randolph Hotel, Oxford


Scaffold Design, Randolph Hotel, Oxford
Scaffolding Design, Randolph Hotel, Oxford